Jul 222011

The comment period began Feb. 28 and ended May 19. The "date posted" refers to the date FWS posted the comment online and may not correspond to the actual date the comment was submitted.

Name Organization Date Posted
Marilyn Roper 02/28/2011
Janet Hess-Herbert Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks 02/28/2011
Lee Witkowski Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois 03/10/2011
Glenn Gabanski 03/10/2011
Aaron Turkewitz, Ph.D 03/10/2011
Dolph Williams 03/10/2011
Christine Oszak 03/10/2011
Don Cwynar 03/10/2011
Sarah Kimber 03/10/2011
Rick Lambert 03/10/2011
Roger Shamley President, Chicago Audubon Society 03/10/2011
Gary Landers 03/10/2011
Jay Sheets 03/14/2011
Mary Lou Mellon 03/22/2011
Elizabeth Smola 03/23/2011
John Mortarelli 03/23/2011
Mike DiCenso Friends of Lincoln Lakes 03/28/2011
John Alberth 04/04/2011
Gavin Shire 04/08/2011
Susan Jones Maine Wind Working Group 06/17/2011
Dan Silver Endangered Habitats League 06/17/2011
Kurt Schwarz Maryland Ornithological Society 06/17/2011
Lewis Young Flathead Audubon Society 06/17/2011
Matthew H. Mead Governor, Wyoming 06/17/2011
Bob Bendick The Nature Conservancy 06/17/2011
Curtis I. Taylor Association of Fish & Wildllife Agencies 06/17/2011
Erin Wiedower Akuo Energy USA 06/17/2011
Shannon Deaton NC Wildlife Resources Commission 06/17/2011
Robyn Kullas NexGen Energy Partners, LLC 06/17/2011
Kimberlee Smith Centera Buffalo Gap Wind Farm2 06/17/2011
Joe Stevens AES Wind Generation 06/17/2011
Bart Rossi AES Wilson Creek Wind, LLC 06/17/2011
Michael Azeka Sand Ridge Wind Farm, LLC 06/17/2011
S. Rene Hypes Dept of Conservation and Recreation, Division of Natural Heritage 06/17/2011
Tracey Librandi Mumma Pennsylvania Game Commission 06/17/2011
Jamie Schrenzel Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 06/17/2011
Larry Thomas Friends of Beautiful Pendleton County, Inc. 06/17/2011
Carol Foss New Hampshire Audubon 06/17/2011
Kyla Bennett Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility 06/17/2011
John Fitzgerald Society for Conservation Biology 06/17/2011
Kim Kaufman Black Swamp Bird Observatory 06/17/2011
Denis Trafecanty The Protect Our Communities Foundation, Backcountry Against Dumps, and East County Community Action Coalition 06/17/2011
Larry Thomas Allegheny Highlands Alliance 06/17/2011
Kelly Fuller, Wind Campaign Coordinator, American Bird Conservancy American Bird Conservancy, American Birding Association, Bird Refuge of York County, Center for Native Ecosystems, Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage, Desert Cities Bird Club, Endangered Habitats League, Environmental Protection Information Center, Friends of Dyke Marsh, The Lands Council, Lehigh Gap Nature Center, Long Point Waterfowl, Madison Audubon Society, North Fork Audubon Society, Oregon Wild, St. Louis Audubon Society, Salem Audubon Society, Saving Birds Thru Habitat, The Trumpeter Swan Society, Western Nebraska Resources Council and Wisconsin Audubon Council. 06/17/2011
Sophie Osborn Wyoming Outdoor Council 06/17/2011
Ken McDonald Pacific Flyway Council 06/17/2011
Jerre Ann Stallcup Conservation Biology Institute 06/17/2011
Robyn Kullas Bird Smart Wind Supporters 06/17/2011
Jim Peugh San Diego Audubon Society 06/17/2011

Brett Dumas
Idaho Power Company 06/17/2011

Richard Till
Friends of Columbia Gorge 06/17/2011
Edward B. Arnett Bat Conservation International 06/17/2011
Michael Schocket Friends of Blackwater, the Center for Biological Diversity, the Animal Welfare Institute, the Wildlife Advocacy Project, and sixteen other environmental organizations 06/17/2011
Liese Dart The Wilderness Society 06/17/2011
Juliette Falkner Defenders of Wildlife, the National Audubon Society, the American Wind Energy Association, The Sonoran Institute, AES Wind Generation, Inc., Element Power, Western Resource Advocates, Mass Audubon, The Union of Concerned Scientists, MAP, Horizon Wind Energy, NextEra Energy, Inc., Ridgeline Energy, LLC., Pattern Energy Group LP, Iberdrola Renewables, Inc., Sierra Club and others 06/17/2011
Juliette Falkner Defenders of Wildlife and National Audubon Society 06/17/2011
Martin Piorkowski Cornell Lab of Ornithology 06/17/2011
Richard Fristik Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Service 06/17/2011
Gary W. Andrews DeTect, Inc. Avian & Security Radar Systems 06/17/2011
James Newman Normandeau Associates 06/17/2011
Bruce Burcat Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition 06/17/2011
Bryce Reece Wyoming Wool Growers Association 06/17/2011
Governors' Wind Energy Coalition 06/17/2011
Nancy Rader California Wind Energy Association 06/17/2011
Paul Sadler Wind Coalition 06/17/2011
Doug Pfeister Offshore Wind Development Coalition 06/17/2011
Jennifer Jenkins Distributed Wind Energy Association 06/17/2011
Beth Soholt Wind on the Wires 06/17/2011
John Emmerich Wyoming Game and Fish Department 06/17/2011
Kathy Boydston Texas Parks and Wildlife Department 06/17/2011
William Condon California Department of Fish and Game 06/17/2011
Michael Ritter Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 06/17/2011
Elsa Haubold, Ph.D. Florida Fish and Wildlife Consrvation Commission 06/17/2011
Deborah Pile Minnesota Department of Commerce-Energy Facilities Planning Unit 06/17/2011
Dave Butler Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries 06/17/2011
Andrew Young Horizon Wind Energy 06/17/2011
Tradewind Energy, LLC 06/17/2011
Michael G. Horn GE Energy 06/17/2011
Alan Arnold Alliant Energy Corporation 06/17/2011
Robert J. White AES Fox Hill Wind, LLC 06/17/2011
Rick Greiner Pattern Energy 06/17/2011
Barry Sweitzer AES Laurel Mountain, LLC 06/17/2011
Tony Colman AES New Creek, LLC 06/17/2011

Rich Rayhill
Ridgeline Energy, LLC 06/17/2011
David J. van Hoogstraten BP Wind Energy, North America Inc. 06/17/2011
David C. Bouchard American Electric Power 06/17/2011
Todd Mattson Element Power 06/17/2011
Paul M. Wiegand Puget Sound Energy 06/17/2011
Garret P. Jeung Pacific Gas and Electric Company 06/17/2011
Kevin E. Gresham E.ON Climate & Renewables North America, LLC 06/17/2011
Michelle Huysman Oak Creek Energy Systems, Inc. 06/17/2011
Ray Hedrick Salt River Project 06/17/2011
Jon Chase Vesta - American Wind Technology, Inc. 06/17/2011
George M. Knapp Wind Capital Group, LLC 06/17/2011
Claude Mindorff Mainstream Renewable Power 06/17/2011
Dave Cowan First Wind Energy, LLC 06/17/2011
Roxanne J. Perruso Power Company of Wyoming, LLC 06/17/2011
Richard M. Loughery Edison Electric Institute 06/17/2011
Jonathan Koehn Infinity Wind Power, LLC 06/17/2011
Joseph Tannery Dominion Resources Inc. 06/17/2011
Michael Speerschneider EverPower Wind Holdings, Inc. 06/17/2011
Patriot Renewables 06/17/2011
The Wildlife Society 6/22/2011
Bureau of Land Management 07/01/2011
Antelope Gap Wind Energy Association, LLC 07/18/2011
Gail Lush American Corn Growers Foundation 07/18/2011
AWEA 07/18/2011
Nancy Bath 07/18/2011
Erik Molvar Biodiversity Conservation Alliance 07/18/2011
Melissa Jones California Energy Commission 07/18/2011
Tony Chatowsky Audubon of Martin County, Florida 07/18/2011
Troy & Tony Cochran 07/18/2011
Dean North Element Power 07/18/2011
Donna Gonzalez 07/18/2011
Dr. R.J. Robel 07/18/2011
Jenifer Lee Edison Mission Energy 07/18/2011
Bonnie Bath Epler 07/18/2011
Steven Grasty Harney County Court 07/18/2011
Jim Madden Element Power 07/18/2011
Barbara Durkin 07/18/2011
Maxine A. Dalton, Ph.D 07/18/2011
Michael Arndt Element Power 07/18/2011
Cathy Woollums Mid-American Energy Holding Company 07/18/2011
Susan Montgomery San Carlos Apache Tribe of Arizona 07/18/2011
Justin Allegro National Wildlife Federation 07/18/2011
Randall Labauve NextEra Energy 07/18/2011
Matthew Wunder New Mexico Department of Game and Fish 07/18/2011
Brian Kietzman North Dakota Chapter of Wildlife Society 07/18/2011
Pamela Dodds 07/18/2011
Susan Reilly Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc. 07/18/2011
John J. Audley & Lauren Prince Renewable Northwest Project 07/18/2011
Dennis Meany Ridgeline Energy 07/18/2011
Samuel Enfield 07/18/2011
Sean Murphy & Nate Vail 07/18/2011
Taber D. Allison, Ph.D. American Wind 07/18/2011
Ty Daul 07/18/2011
David Siebert Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 07/18/2011


Source: Fish and Wildlife Service Public Comments page

Jul 222011

Late Thursday, July 21: More on Friday, but here's a pic of DOI Secy. Ken Salazar and Deputy Secy. David Hayes at the Wind Energy Advisory Board meeting today. Salazar said he wanted the committee to meet in mid-September in an attempt to wrap things up. Mostly, he and the FACA panel received praise from representatives of wind energy firms, but there also was concern expressed about whether the Fish and Wildlife Service would have the resources necessary to devote to wind projects; some environmental groups (such as the American Bird Conservancy) said they were worried the guidelines weren't tough enough. (ABC release 7/20/11, which asserts that "the new draft reverses agency protection recommendations for many bird species and adds unrealistic deadlines that would lead to 'rubber-stamping' of wind projects. ABC expects millions of migratory birds to be harmed by poorly-planned wind energy.") Conservation writer Ted Williams links to the ABC release at his Fly Rod+Reel blog, which is worth a look.

In any case, here's what they were looking at: the revised draft voluntary land-based wind energy guidelines.

Here are more links from FWS on the guidelines: a news bulletin; Wind Energy Qs and As, comparison table of the Federal Advisory Committee recommendations, and a summary of comments on FWS's draft guidelines, which were released in February. Here's FWS's page with earlier versions of the documents. (Note to FWS: It would help if that page had a date on it to distinguish it clearly from the updated page.)

Here's a value-added bonus for looking at this page: a one-page HTML file with links to all the public comments on the draft guidelines

July 20-21, 2011: Wind Turbine Guidelines Advisory Committee Meeting (the agenda)

DOI Secretary Ken Salazar and Deputy Secretary David Hayes take notes at the meeting Arlington, Va. July 21 2011 (Photo by Steve Davies)