Jul 102014

The Turtle Island Restoration Network and Center for Biological Diversity have asked a federal court to order the National Marine Fisheries Service "to implement the Pacific Loggerhead Conservation Area, a fishery closure during June, July and August of predicted El Niño years," the groups said in a news release today.

Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) (Photo by Marco Giuliano)

"Pacific loggerhead sea turtles come to the area to feed during El Niño years’ warmer-than-usual waters," the groups said. "The drift gillnet fishery, which uses mile-long nets soaked overnight to catch swordfish and thresher shark, catches and drowns more sea turtles during El Niño conditions."

The case is Center for Biological Diversity v. Pritzker (14-3125, Cal. N.D.).

In another suit filed July 8, CBD challenged Forest Service plans to cut more than 5,000 acres of burned trees in the Tahoe and Sierra national forests (Earth Island Institute v. Quinn, 14-3101 JST, Cal. N.D.)

California spotted owl in cedar (Photo by Marek Jakubowski via SNAMP.)

"The areas at issue provide crucial habitat for wildlife such as California spotted owls, imperiled black-backed woodpeckers, bats, bluebirds and many other species that use the fire-killed trees and native shrub patches that fires create," the center said in a news release.














SNAMP (Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project)




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