Jun 302015

Updated 9:10 p.m. ET, June 30 -- FWS put out a release today titled, "U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Finding on Gray Wolf Petition," which notes that the service made a finding that the gray wolf in the lower 48 states should not be reclassified as threatened, as requested by environmental groups.

Midwest Region news release  ("The Service is seeking input as it conducts in-depth studies of the spotted turtle, alligator snapping turtle, Blanding’s turtle, Illinois chorus frog and green salamander.")

Southeast news release  ::  Southwest news release


And the Arizona toad. And the Alligator snapping turtle. And a few snakes and salamanders. The Fish and Wildlife Service has determined that listing of 21 species as threatened or endangered may be warranted, triggering the start of a nine-month process that will lead to proposed listings or "not warranted" findings.

Ten species petitions didn't make the cut, including one requesting reclassification of the gray wolf, whose status throughout the lower 48 has been in flux and in dispute for ... a while. In the only case involving a requested reclassification, the service found that a petition submitted by environmental groups seeking a downlisting of the wolf's status to threatened was not warranted.

The full Federal Register notice, which went on public inspection today, is here

Here are the positive (substantial) findings:

Here are the negative (non-substantial) findings:

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