Sep 302015

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has released the audio of the oral arguments that took place on Monday in People for the Ethical Treatment of Property Owners v. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (14-4151). The government is appealing a district court decision that found FWS's take regulations for the Utah prairie dog ran afoul of the Commerce Clause.

For briefs filed in the case, see Pacific Legal Foundation's web site   (click "Documents" on the left)

Editor's note: I want to personally thank the Tenth Circuit Clerk's office for responding promptly to my request for the audio file.

Sep 302015

Go here to watch House hearing

Oversight Hearing on:
  • "Respecting State Authority, Responsibilities and Expertise Regarding Resource Management and Energy Development"
  • Hearing Memo
Member Statements:

The Honorable Rob Bishop

Witnesses and Testimony:

The Honorable Steve Bullock
Governor, State of Montana
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The Honorable Dennis Daugaard
Governor, State of South Dakota
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The Honorable Gary Herbert
Governor, State of Utah
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The Honorable Matt Mead
Governor, State of Wyoming
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