Sep 292015

The Fish and Wildlife Service will propose listing 49 plants and animals from the Hawaiian islands as endangered, and the Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake, known from 10 states, and the elfin-woods warbler, a bird species in Puerto Rico, as threatened. (links go to more info.)

The proposals are in three separate notices to be published Wednesday, Sept. 30. A table with the Hawaiian species is below. More on the rattlesnake is at FWS did not propose critical habitat for the rattlesnake.

Michigan DNR page on rattlesnake

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"The historical range documented for eastern massasauga rattlesnakes included western New York, western Pennsylvania, the lower peninsula and on Bois Blanc Island in Michigan, the northern two-thirds of Ohio and Indiana, the northern three-quarters of Illinois, the southern half of Wisconsin, extreme southeast Minnesota, east-central Missouri, the eastern third of Iowa, and far southwestern Ontario, Canada," FWS said in the proposed rule.

FWS said the current range "still reflects this distribution," but it is more restricted than in 1999, when the eastern massasauga rattlesnake was first identified as a candidate species, "because populations in central and western Missouri have since been reclassified as western massasauga rattlesnakes."

The Hawaiian species include 39 plants and 10 animals. Of the second group, seven are bees.

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