Clean Water Act

Jan 152015
Connectivity of Streams & Wetlands to Downstream Waters:<br>A Review & Synthesis of the Scientific Evidence

Table of Contents, list of members, preface, figures, tables (links in this doc only work within the Table of Contents) Executive Summary Introduction Chapter 2 – An Integrated Systems Perspective on Interactions of Watersheds, Streams, Wetlands and Downstream Waters Chapter 3 – Streams: Physical, Chemical and Biological Connections to Rivers Chapter 4 – Wetlands: Physical, […]

Jan 152015

Editor’s note: Made a change after looking at this again. Instead of saying the report concluded that “waters are generally connected to one another,” (a statement I believe is likely true if one considers the volume of water across the landscape, but which I cannot support empirically), I have written, “even isolated wetlands can affect […]

Jan 082015

A federal judge has rejected a request for a preliminary injunction that would prevent dredging of the lower Snake River (Idaho Rivers United v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 14-1800 JLR, W.D. Wa.; order below). “Because the court has found that plaintiffs have failed to demonstrate three of the required elements necessary for issuance of […]

Dec 112014

Updated 12/14/14 EPA has been barred from doing any work on its potential veto of a permit for a controversial gold mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska. “[D]efendants must stop all work connected to the 404(c) proceeding. Defendants may not engage in any activities related to the 404(c) process,” U.S. District Judge H. Russel Holland said […]

Nov 212014

Lawsuit Launched to Prevent Sea Turtle Deaths (CBD press release) ESA lawsuit takes on #USFWS, #NMFS over #USEPA cooling water intake rule #seaturtles CBD press release — Steve Davies (@ESWR_Update) November 21, 2014  

Oct 232014

EPA and the Corps of Engineers have announced the release of the final peer review of EPA’s “connectivity” report — literally, Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters: A Review and Synthesis of the Scientific Evidence. Here is the final peer review, posted on Endangered Species & Wetlands Report’s website. Here’s part of the […]

Jan 142014

A $1 trillion House-Senate spending bill made public yesterday includes a provision that would prohibit the Army Corps of Engineers from using any of its funding to change the definition of “fill material” under the Clean Water Act. Although a rewrite of the 2002 rule does not appear to be in the works, the provision was nonetheless […]

Dec 102013

The federal government owes the state of Arkansas about $5.8 million, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Dec. 3, affirming a lower court determination after a remand from the Supreme Court (Arkansas Game & Fish Commission v. U.S., 09-5121). The high court had held that the Army Corps of Engineers’ flooding of a wildlife management […]

Stream buffer zone rule could go bye-bye

 Posted by on September 12, 2013
Sep 122013

Judge in D.C. indicates desire to set aside reg for failure to consult A 2008 rule designed to protect streams from the impact of coal mining will probably be set aside because the Office of Surface Mining did not consult with the Fish and Wildlife Service on the regulation’s impact on listed species. That certainly […]

Apr 252013

“W.Va. members of Congress promise action against EPA” is the headline in the West Virginia Record, whose article noted that 80 percent of the state’s congressional delegation had posted press releases criticizing the D.C. Circuit’s decision that said EPA had the authority to partially revoke a permit for the Spruce Mine. (Only Jay Rockefeller appears […]