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Pebble Mine report released

 Posted by on October 6, 2015
Oct 062015

Was EPA too cozy with anti-Pebble Mine advocates while evaluating the potential environmental impacts of a proposed gold mine in the Bristol Bay watershed? Former Defense Secretary William Cohen of The Cohen Group in Washington, D.C., thinks so. In a report released today (Oct. 6), he calls on Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency “to […]

Oct 052015

From DOJ’s web site: “This live event is now over. Please check http://www.justice.gov/featured-video shortly to watch the recorded version. “Prepared remarks: Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Delivers Remarks at Press Conference Announcing Settlement with BP to Resolve Civil Claims Over Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill >> GOOD MORNING. THIS IS YOUR TWO-MINUTE WARNING. WE HAVE SEVERAL […]

DOJ press conference on BP settlement

 Posted by on October 5, 2015
Oct 052015

Press release (text below)  |  For consent decree, go here Download BP Fact Sheet Download Restoration Plan Fact Sheet U.S. and Five Gulf States Reach Historic Settlement with BP to Resolve Civil Lawsuit Over Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Total Value of Global Settlement Will Top $20 Billion Largest with a Single Entity in Justice Department […]

Oct 052015

From the Federal Register’s Public Inspection section: FWS finds listing of Sonoran desert tortoise “not warranted.”   “Most simply and qualitatively, the best available data does not show that any one or more risk factors are likely to result in meaningful population declines in the foreseeable future.” (see below for press release from WildEarth Guardians) FWS […]

Oct 022015
Politics trumps science at FWS, UCS survey finds

Progress and Problems: Government Scientists Report on Scientific Integrity at Four Agencies reveals results of survey of 7,000 scientists NOAA numbers not as bad, but concern remains Politics plays too big a role in decisionmaking at the Fish and Wildlife Service, a new survey from the Union of Concerned Scientists concludes. | Download the full […]

Sep 302015

Go here to watch House hearing Oversight Hearing on: “Respecting State Authority, Responsibilities and Expertise Regarding Resource Management and Energy Development” Hearing Memo Member Statements: The Honorable Rob Bishop Chairman Witnesses and Testimony: The Honorable Steve Bullock Governor, State of Montana (Disclosure Form) The Honorable Dennis Daugaard Governor, State of South Dakota (Disclosure Form) The […]

Sep 292015
FWS proposes to list a lot of plants and animals: 39 plants, seven bees, shrimp, damselfly and petrel from Hawaii, eastern Massasauga rattlesnake, and Puerto Rican warbler

The Fish and Wildlife Service will propose listing 49 plants and animals from the Hawaiian islands as endangered, and the Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake, known from 10 states, and the elfin-woods warbler, a bird species in Puerto Rico, as threatened. (links go to more info.) The proposals are in three separate notices to be published Wednesday, […]

Sep 292015

The D.C. Circuit Court Appeals has upheld the federal government’s approval of Enbridge Pipelines’ Flanagan South pipeline, concluding that NEPA review of the pipeline’s entire 593-mile length was not required (Sierra Club v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 14-5205). The 593-mile pipeline, which has been built, carries crude oil from Illinois to Oklahoma. Sierra Club […]

Sep 282015

Timber companies and the Carpenters Industrial Council could not demonstrate that they have standing to pursue claims against BLM for adopting land management plans for six districts in western Oregon. The cases decided by U.S. District Judge Richard Leon are American Forest Resource Council v. Jewell (14-368), Carpenters Industrial Council v. Jewell (13-361), and Swanson […]