Black rhino trophies to be imported

 Posted by on March 29, 2015
Mar 292015

The Fish and Wildlife Service has allowed the import of two sport-hunted black rhinoceros trophies from Namibia, finding that the decision "will benefit conservation of the species, while the import of any elephant sport-hunted trophy from Zimbabwe will not."

The announcement came Thursday. "The black rhino hunts associated with the imports of two sport-hunted trophies are consistent with the conservation strategy of Namibia, a country whose rhino population is steadily increasing, and will generate a combined total of $550,000 for wildlife conservation, anti-poaching efforts and community development programs in Namibia," the service said.

"In contrast to Namibia’s exemplary management and conservation program for black rhinos, Zimbabwe’s elephant management plan primarily consists of two outdated documents that lack information on their implementation and the progress made toward meeting stated goals and objective," FWS added.

The Namibia decision was criticized by conservationists, who vowed to sue to block future import permits. The permit was auctioned off by the Dallas Safari Club, which generated a fair amount of publicity.

Dallas Safari Club

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