Task Force on Environmental Action report

scheduled for council discussion at Tuesday, July 6, 2010 meeting

  • Region Forward, "A Comprehensive Guide for Regional Planning and Measuring Progress in the 21st Century" (COG report released 1/28/10 and endorsed in a resolution by city)
  • Errata: On page 89 of the report, Bill Hutchins' and Barbara Beelar’s last names are misspelled.

    Note (March 12, 2013): This page was initially set up to make available documents related to the work of the Takoma Park Task Force on Environmental Action, but was updated March 12, 2013. All links and documents have been posted by Steve Davies, who was co-chair of the TFEA with Joe Edgell and wrote the air quality chapter. The TFEA report (link above) was submitted to the council in April 2010.

    The city council has hired a contractor, The Brendle Group, to create a sustainability action plan. Representatives from the company made a presentation at the council’s March 11, 2013 meeting.

    In addition to the Brendle plan, some more recent links have also been added, including, e.g., a report on questionable discharges from the Maple Avenue Outfall and the 2011 arborist’s report. Scroll down for the full list of links and send an email to poplarav at gmail.com if you come across any that take you nowhere.

    Brendle Group


    Street lights recommendation

    Air quality

    City TFEA documents


    City stormwater reports

    Arborist's reports

    Tree ordinance

    Climate change

    Ozone/air pollution/lawn and garden equipment

    Takoma Park

    Somewhat less older...

    EPA, etc.